Happy Birthday Calvin

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At The Continental Greek Restaurant & Bakery (our family’s favorite), but lost in another world. Never was there so beautiful a boy as my son Calvin Harman.

Happy birthday my perfect, loving, joy-makin’ baby boy.

Applepalooza 2013

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Raw Materials
Toots, Cal, and Charlie
Driveway Wildmen
A small portion of the finished product


More a press prototype than functioning device. Five or six dudes always standing around it, re-engineering…
A late appearance by haloed Wy’east

Independence Lake :: July 2013

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Got snowed out of North Lake by at least a month. Guys with gaiters and poles were coming back down daunted. We however were undaunted by the inattainability of our ultimate goal. Giant ice-slides were slid, smoke-dried clothing was worn to bed, dogs were chased (and chastised). Everyone came home tired; happy.

Mr. Cal’s Robot Party

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A few photos from Mr. Cal’s 7th birthday Robot Laboratory. We’re reconvening this weekend at my place to keep working on them. Once all kids have sufficiently awesome costumes we’re heading down to Kerry Park for a photo shoot, evidence of which will be forthcoming.

Mr. Newly-Toothless Birthday Kid
Ferocious Mr. Owen

The Assembled Host

Dr. J came up with a novel, non-costume idea: automated TNT robot
Robot Ruby had the whole world in her hand
Closeup of the equipment: the jet pack


Peter Broggs – Fuss & Fight

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In Grenada Addie was 5 and Cal was 3: prime age for the young antagonist to learn the hassling trade and his sister the art of active resistance. This was the song I used to sing to defuse their occasional flare-ups, increasingly to their annoyance as they came to realize I was accusing them of being fussy. Now whenever I hear Peter Broggs’ call for peace in the community, I imagine my beautiful children in some of their less-beautiful moments and smile.

Everyday they get up and fuss
Everyday they get up and fight.
Everyday they get up and fuss
Lord everyday they get up and fight.

What you fighting for?
I really want to know right now.
What you fighting for?
I really want to know right now.

It’s a good thing to live up fully
In true love and harmony
Respectfully with dignity.
I know it’s a good thing.

Sourdough Gap – August 2012

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sourdough gap 2012 :: Sheep Lake from Sourdough Gapsourdough gap 2012 :: Beastie, King of Dogssourdough gap 2012 :: Dazzledsourdough gap 2012 :: Back-country funsourdough gap 2012 :: "OK, I made it. Gimme some shade!"sourdough gap 2012 :: Tired climbers
sourdough gap 2012 :: Atop Sourdough Gapsourdough gap 2012 :: A little off-trail scramblesourdough gap 2012 :: Fuzziessourdough gap 2012 :: Four Packs

Sourdough Gap – August 2012, a set on Flickr.

We spent the weekend in the hinterlands. A return visit to our old favorite Sheep Lake, plus an ambitious climb up to Sourdough Gap. Mr. Beastie was along for the hike, game as ever (though unashamedly sleepy at every pause).

Misty Mountains – Summit Lake – July 2012

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misty mountains :: 7/12 1misty mountains :: 7/12 4misty mountains :: 7/12 6misty mountains :: 7/12 2misty mountains :: 7/12 7misty mountains :: 7/12 5
misty mountains :: 7/12misty mountains :: 7/12 3

A select few additional photos from our climb this past weekend, with an emphasis on the mist & clouds for our pal the artist Christo Braun.

What PNW kids did in the days before television

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Cal & Addie @ Lake Summit, early morning. There ain’t nothing to it but to do it. 🙂

Kerry Park Snowman

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My kids made a snowman out of the opportunity afforded by a passing snow squall.


Cal hassling passers-by

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cal hassling passers-by

Perhaps the quintessential video of Calvin: not quite two years old and already hassling people walking by on the street

In this video Cal was shouting “Beat it, man!” at some poor guy who walked by on 65th Street NW. The guy looked over his shoulder with a pained, “whadda hell did I do?” look on his face, then kept going. Cal continued to call him out as he walked away.