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Hey Ottist! Paint this!

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In keeping with this blog’s long-standing tradition of posting B. Kliban-related material, here is me in 1986, from my fraternity composite, wearing a B. Kliban “Supercat” tie.

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‘Organic Island’ redux: Bhutan takes steps toward becoming the world’s first ‘organic country’; ten year timeline proposed

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So the notion of taking a whole nation organic isn’t so loopy (or original) after all. In Bhutan, political and social leaders are coalescing around a plan to ban a whole slew of agricultural and industrial chemical poisons and promote sustainable, organic methods in their agricultural sector. It runs counter to the ‘what’s good for business is good for [insert nation here]’ thinking that so frequently prevails but this decision represents not some atavistic neo-Luddite groundswell that’s predestined to fail but a fantastic opportunity for innovation and development that employs and educates vast populations in its achievement and maintenance.

Bhutan, by flickr user Christopher Michel. Used by cc: license. All rights revert to originator.
Bhutan, by flickr user Christopher Michel. Used by cc: license. All rights revert to originator.

Organic agriculture relies on the maxim “the best fertilizer is the gardener’s shadow.” The organic farmer learns more, thinks more, and works harder to produce the same pound of cocoa or tomatoes or sugar cane as his/her conventional compatriots. Organic farmers accept a self-imposed standard of excellence that functionally eliminates 80% of the problem-solving shortcuts available to conventional farmers: the ‘spray-and-forget’ solutions that never ask how the shortcut was manufactured or where it goes after it kills whatever needed killing. National acceptance of the organic farmer’s mindful ways is the opposite of atavistic. It is an evolution: a step forward that equally and unreservedly reveres their shared past, present, and future.

In a nation with so ancient a Buddhist & Hindu tradition maybe the idea of everyone working together to improve everyone’s situation isn’t so alien or unlikely-seeming. I think perhaps that’s why I could see Grenada going the same way. I saw so much real agape on the island I can’t help but believe the political will exists to undertake the same level of national self-improvement & -empowerment. Every human rationale and potential benefit that accrues around this call to action applies to Grenada as well. Someone has to show the world what ‘possible’ means.

Mystery solved

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The mystery of where all the B. Kliban-based traffic was coming from has been solved. Julia Louis-Dreyfus mentioned ‘Hey, ottist! Paint this!’ in the most recent ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.’ The action starts around 7:00.

For those who haven’t seen much of Bernard “Hap” Kliban’s work, some of his best cartoons are collected in an Imgur album here.

Thanks to all my recent visitors, a substantial portion of whom apparently found something else of interest to read, see, or listen to on these pages.


YouTube link deprecated. Here’s a link to the video @ the CICGC website.

Traffic on this site is exploding all of a sudden, and all on account of one old B. Kliban cartoon

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For some reason, an old post of mine from early 2012 featuring a very classy cartoon by B. Kliban is generating a lot of traffic (800 hits in 36 hours for a blog that averages 50 hits/day). The cartoon in question is reproduced below, currently being located via very specific search terms like ‘b kliban ottist,’ hey ottist,’ and ‘hey ottist paint this.’

What I want to know is: why the sudden interest in B. Kliban from people in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and Germany? On what message board…in what social media…by what celebrity mention did this cartoon return to light? If you’re arriving at this blog after searching up this cartoon do please feel free to solve the mystery in comments below.

For the curious, an entire Imgur album of Kliban cartoons can be enjoyed here.

Hey, ottist! Paint this! by Bernard “Hap” Kliban

B. Kliban – Chicken Job

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B. Kliban - Chicken Job
B. Kliban – Chicken Job

B. Kliban – Math: Converting Feet to Meters

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B. Kliban – Math: Converting Feet to Meters

B. Kliban – I’m The King

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B. Kliban - I'm The King
B. Kliban – I’m The King

B. Kliban

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I distinctly remember laughing my eight year old tuchas off at this cartoon; kinda’ sealed the deal with me where Hap Kliban was concerned.


B. Kliban – A Pear

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B. Kliban – A Pear