Tabu Ley Rochereau & African Fiesta – Moto Abungaka

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The voice of lightness! Such a chill groove!

Dr Nico Kasanda & Orchestra l’African Fiesta Sukisa – Munka

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A neat, unexpected appearance of slack-key guitars in an African tune, this from Congolese bandleader Dr. Nico Kasanda and Orchestra l’African Fiesta Sukisa.

Pépé Kallé – Ami Ya Bomuana

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Congolese soukous genius Pépé Kallé lays the rhythms in thick. Tight horns roving all up and down the production, deft guitars like a drunken centipede dancing on the fretboard, drums and drums and drums…

Tabu Ley Rechereau – Pesa Le Tout / Moto Akokana Nzambe Akosukisa / Fetiche / l’Age de l’Amour

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RIP Congolese Rumba and soukous phenomenon Tabu Ley Rochereau, known to some as the ‘African Elvis,’ to others as ‘The Voice of Lightness.’ Here are four favorite tunes of his. Of the four I think ‘Fetiche’ and ‘l’Age de l’Amour’ are the most ‘Voice of Lightness’-y. Great horns throughout, and because it’s African it must necessarily be in some wise danceable.

Orchestre Veve – Baluti 1 & 2

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Congolese soukous pioneer Verckys Kiamuangana Mateta’s project after leaving TPOK Jazz, Orchestre Veve. Guitars so light they ring like bells atop a hypnotic, hip-shaking rhythm. Virtuoso solo performances abound.

Dr. Nico Kasanda & African Fiesta Sukisa – Olga

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Dr. Nico Kasanda & African Fiesta Sukisa, before Kasanda’s departure from the music scene. A cheerful entry in a habitually upbeat field of musical endeavor.

Empire Bakuba – Obosini Kisomele

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Zairean soukous giants Empire Bakuba here with an eight and a half-minute dance marathon.

The whole disc is available for download free here.

Koffi Olomide & Josky Kiambukuta Londa – Apostolou Ya Bolingo

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Wow. Great guitars & vocals throughout this track by Congolese Soukous artists Koffi Olomide & Josky Kiambukuta Londa.





Les Choc Stars – Ponini Eza Mpasi

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Enchanted by this track just now. A marathon groove of enthusiastic, charming smoothness.


Zaïko Langa-Langa – Crois Moi

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I am having my ever-loving mind blown by the choral performance here. So, so much to love about this track: smooth, hypnotic, all-encompassing…