On the road to Hobbiton

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More sights from along the pathway to the Hobbit Hole:


Interior shots of the Hobbit Hole

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I’ve been holding off taking pictures of the interior of the place because there were a few details I wanted to take care of first; to make the place more of a home with an aesthetic than a shack in the woods nobody loves or cares for anymore.

Big photo dump. I apologize in advance for your bandwidth if on mobile:

Basho – Slender, so slender

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Photo by flickr user Arnoud Boekhoorn. All rights revert to originator.

Slender, so slender
its stalk bends under dew —
little yellow flower.


-Matsuo Bashō, 17th c. Japan

Merle’s Barber Shop

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Why does Merle (or at least the man in the window) look as if captured in the act of calling someone a bastard?

Signage of Wenatchee
Signage of Wenatchee

Wenatchee keeps it real

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There is a lot of great old-school signage here in Wenatchee but this has to be my favorite.

Wally’s House of Booze 322 S Wenatchee Ave. Wenatchee, WA 98801

W.S. Gilbert, from ‘The Mikado’

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12:11 PM - 28 Jun 2014
12:11 PM – 28 Jun 2014

Ah, pray make no mistake,
We are not shy;
We’re very wide awake,
The moon and I!

-W.S Gilbert, The Mikado (II,II)