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Timelapse of the well at Mirkwood

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With a guest appearance from my backside.

I love how the color of the light changes throughout the dance.


4.20.13 Late Afternoon Evening Cloudy Time Lapse; Queen Anne, Seattle WA

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Nothing particularly distinguished about this time lapse, but I do note for a second time right at sunset the prevailing winds aloft (as seen in cloud movement) go absolutely haywire. The first half of this video has the weather streaming in from the SSW steady as she goes, then right when the lights go out there’s turbulence and what looks like a switch to an offshore flow. My n of 2 is a hoot, but it’s not something I’d necessarily have identified as a pattern before now without time lapse. It’s easily the most suitably dynamic view available without leaving the house.

Any old-time Seattlites with a weather-watching habit like mine,  knowledgable sailors, or roving meteorologists with an answer, an observation, or an idea chime in in comments.

3.30.13 – Western sky sunset & stars timelapse; Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

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Another experiment, this shot from my roof.

This is my first time lapse photo to include stars and I’ve got to say I’m really impressed with the way this little camera captures starlight, even in city light & less-than-optimally-clear conditions. It begins to confirm my suspicion that 80% of success in time lapse photography is access.

It’s funny to me that time lapse is the apparent opposite of my lifelong habit as a photographer: to stay in motion, even around the same object. A step in that direction would be dolly-mounting, but I have enough to learn for now as it is.

Seeing Peter Stern’s little GoPro camera with time lapse gets me thinking about different angles on the same object…

Goat Rock Beach / Blind Beach Time Lapse; Sonoma Coast, CA

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Another brief time lapse from the Sonoma coast yesterday, this from the spit between Goat Rock Beach & Blind Beach:

Queen Anne Seattle Western Sky At Sunset – Time Lapse Photograph

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Cloudy day in Seattle; confused winds aloft. Here’s the last roughly three hours of it, condensed into 0:38s.