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Reggae Covers – Dave Barker & the Upsetters – Groove Me (King Floyd)

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With a backing band like The Upsetters there’s no way this 1971 cover of the 1970 King Floyd original wouldn’t have a world-class skank. Journeyman reggae vocalist Dave Barker (perhaps better known as half of the duo of Dave & Ansell Collins) does a creditable job recreating the bright, evocative vocals of the original track.

You’ve become a sweet taste in my mouth, now
And I want you to be my spouse
So that we can live happily, nah-nah
In a great big ol’ roomy house

And I know you’re gonna groove me, baby

Reggae Covers: The Upsetters – Hard To Handle (Otis Redding)

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Originally recorded by Otis Redding and released posthumously in 1967, later popularized among a new generation by Georgia Southern rockers The Black Crowes in 1990, this version by The Upsetters is off the hook, with a wildness all its own.

Pretty little thing, let me light your candle,
’cause Mama I’m sure hard to handle.

Reggae Covers: The Upsetters – To Love Somebody (Barry & Robin Gibb)

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Jamaican all-star reggae giants The Upsetters add to the mass of covers of the Bee Gee’s 1967 classic, falling somewhere between the masterful, rocked-out  Nina Simone rendition and the efforts of Hank Williams Jr. from 1979’s ‘Family Tradition.’

A bonus listen: Busty Brown’s 1969 reggae version, another Upsetter recording. Great backing vocals; nice, understated guitars & keys.

There’s a light
A certain kind of light
That never shone on me
I want my life to be lived with you
Lived with you