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Reggae Covers: The Sound Dimension – Reggae In The Grass (Hugh Masekela)

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Just stumbled across this cover this morning, a 1969 cover by the Studio One┬áhouse band The Sound Dimension of the 1968 #1 hit by Witbank, South Africa’s Hugh Masekela, which sold 4 million copies in its day. Is that the saxaphone of Cedric Im Brooks I hear?


Hugh Masekela – Puffin’ On Down The Track

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Witbank South Africa’s most honored son trumpet master Hugh Masekela here gives the South African version of the train song. Masekela is also known for his song ‘Stimela (Coal Train),’ which would seem to lend a certain thematic flavor to his music. My kids loved this song when they were bouncing babies.

Note: Apologies for the vacant video. Apparently whoever owns Hugh’s rights is all hell up in the internet preventin’ and clearly doesn’t understand the value of videos like this for Hugh’s record sales. Sorry.

“Better than Jimi Hendrix:” guitarist in the Mzansi township style of Southern Africa

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A rhythm that’d set boots & booties shaking from Seattle to Senegal. The debate about whether this guitarist is ‘better than Jimi Hendrix’ is kinda’ pointless: comparing apples & bulldozers. A hell of a find on some random street corner in South Africa though. That knowing little look the busker shares at 2:15 is priceless.

Link deprecated as of 12/15/18. I’ll keep looking for this video to restore this page because this guitarist is truly off the hook.

Miriam Makeba – Mama Ndiyalila

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Man, but I love Miriam Makeba. So soulful, under such natural, effortless control. You can imagine a dance with her; what music like this does to you…