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Silvio Rodriguez – Sueño de Una Noche de Verano

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A catchy tune, seemingly representative of so many North American studio influences it’s hard to pick them all apart. Opening and closing with a horn flourish worthy of Earth, Wind & Fire, continuing around a popping bass line reminiscent of Fernando Saunders (renowned bassist for Lou Reed). It is almost as if the producer identified the most recognizably glorious elements of the 80’s soft rock/power ballad genre and folded it into this recording.


Silvio Rodriguez – Como Esperando Abril

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Warm summery days, you want some flute music & a 70s-era string track.

Silvio Rodríguez – Sueño con Serpientes

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Havana Cuba’s Silvio Rodríguez here haunts, challenges, creates something gentle and new.

Hay hombres que luchan un día y son buenos,
hay otros que luchan un año y son mejores,
hay quienes luchan muchos años y son muy buenos,
pero hay los que luchan toda la vida
esos son los imprescindibles

– Bertolt Brecht