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Queen Anne losing yet another family restaurant due to high rents

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Jimmy McMillan would surely agree
Jimmy McMillan would surely agree

My neighborhood –Upper Queen Anne in Seattle, WA– is losing one of the last inexpensive restaurants in the neighborhood, a family-run Jack-Of-All-Asian-Trades Chinese-sushi restaurant called Calva Cafe. More from Queen Anne View (with a shout-out to another longtime favorite cheap-eats option closing due to high rents, Lower Queen Anne’s Tup Tim Thai):

After 7 years in business on Queen Anne, Calva Café will indeed be closing on May 24th, just a few weeks away. Calva, like other local Queen Anne businesses, is faced with limited options – pay an increased rental rate they can’t afford or close up shop on Queen Anne.

The landlord of the building has increased Calva’s rent twice in the past few years, and with the end of their current lease, the increase is just too much for them to stay in business on Queen Anne. Just as with Tup Tim Thai, Calva’s owners have always paid their rent and have been good tenants. They just can’t keep up with the cost of renting restaurant space on Queen Anne – an increasing cost that’s hard to understand given the number of empty retail spaces on both Upper and Lower Queen Anne.

My son Calvin calls this ‘my restaurant.’ Not for long he doesn’t. Luckily there’s no shortage of braised truffle-infused saffron-scented gold-plated indigestible shit at $17/plate. Let them eat brioche!

4.20.13 Late Afternoon Evening Cloudy Time Lapse; Queen Anne, Seattle WA

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Nothing particularly distinguished about this time lapse, but I do note for a second time right at sunset the prevailing winds aloft (as seen in cloud movement) go absolutely haywire. The first half of this video has the weather streaming in from the SSW steady as she goes, then right when the lights go out there’s turbulence and what looks like a switch to an offshore flow. My n of 2 is a hoot, but it’s not something I’d necessarily have identified as a pattern before now without time lapse. It’s easily the most suitably dynamic view available without leaving the house.

Any old-time Seattlites with a weather-watching habit like mine,  knowledgable sailors, or roving meteorologists with an answer, an observation, or an idea chime in in comments.

A problem of abundance

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Originally uploaded by flickr user zenseas. © 2013 All rights reserved.

I spent the last two minutes watching one of the neighborhood crows solve an interesting problem: that of abundance. No sooner had he found two peanuts in the shell in the street did my dog and I come around the corner, adding an element of urgency that did not rise to the level of threat or competition.

Clearly the crow could not carry them both. Before arriving at this conclusion however, I had observed the crow try to approach the problem of carrying two large shelled peanuts in one small black beak using a variety of strategies. He tried to pick up one and then pick up the other from the top. He repeated the same strategy, only sliding his lower appendage under both peanuts from the side, again to unsatisfactory result.

Eventually he had presence of mind yet to crack open one nut with his beak, scarf up the contents, then fly away with the other to consume at leisure. I appreciated the opportunity to witness the crow’s analysis of its situation, its efforts to craft a solution, and its ultimate success. The extent to which a gentle manner and a short leash facilitate such observations can not be overstated.

Queen Anne Seattle Western Sky At Sunset – Time Lapse Photograph

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Cloudy day in Seattle; confused winds aloft. Here’s the last roughly three hours of it, condensed into 0:38s.

Man Rescues Bird

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I found a neighbor’s purse crammed under a hedge out front this morning. Bad sign. I walked the purse home to find its owner still asleep w/ no idea her car had been prowled. She was happier to get her Charlie Parker horn charts back than sad to lose $15 and a credit card. Lady had her head on right.