Wall Street Journal plutocrats shamefully divorced from reality; dwell in the ‘Magical Land of Single Moms Making $260,000 + Interest’

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Screengrab of WSJ Infographic

So apparently this is a thing that actually happened in the WSJ. As infrequently as I link to explicitly political sites, I’m linking to an analysis which mirrors my own: that the Wall Street Journal would publish such a thing shows just how completely out of touch with reality they –the editors, owners, and I’m certain a large percentage of readers– truly are. The self-deception and unreality is staggering.

“Their experience of life, and therefore of public policy, is on an entirely different plane. These are people who take tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of yearly passive investment income for granted and think they earned that money, deserving to pay very low taxes on it. They’re people who see a single individual making $230,000 as struggling to get by, and severely put upon by the loss of a couple thousand dollars to help pay for decrepit infrastructure and basic healthcare for the indigent…”

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Whip It! – A Flow Chart

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Whip It!: A Flow-Chart
Whip It!: A Flow-Chart – Click for full-size version

Link to the Devo original video here.