The Power of Social Media

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Search stats @ PornHub relative to Reddit AMA. Graphic via Reddit user /u/katie_pornhub (Official Account)

The efficacy of social media is at times lost on business-folk. Beyond a certain generational boundary work in social media appears increasingly futile and time-wastey, like paying a teenager to chat with his/her friends.

For a long time it was hard to demonstrate the business value of social media in terms management could understand, let alone explain the value of likes, followers, and friends in linear industrial terms. For years businesses accepted as a truism the keeping of web traffic & search data a closely-guarded secret, forcing digital marketers to cobble together insightful if incomplete conclusions from traffic ranking websites and Google’s powerful adware.

In time tech-savvy managers have ascended to positions of real decision-making power. These managers –every one a data-hungry technologist– having grown up on the web realize ‘success’ is bigger than clicks and units sold: that building means to user engagement not only extends time spent on a website but creates an intellectual space in the minds of technologists, who come to count useful data sources (like that pictured above) among the insight-laden destinations they visit and rely upon.

Granted’s data set is of use only to a select few businesses, but in moment like this –when social media and public data coincide– we’re given a glimpse into key user data of the sort usually contained behind the corporate firewall.

The adult actress Riley Reid did an AMA on Reddit last week. In the graphic above right you can see both the historical trend of searches for Ms. Reid, with the time of her AMA indicated. See that spike? That’s traffic. That’s engagement. That’s proof-positive that social media works when done right.

The exemplary PornHub traffic page (SFW) can be seen here. It is specifically insights like these –generated publicly by destination sites– that give advertisers and social media mavens a critical insight into the results of digital marketing efforts. Far from chatting online with friends, work in social media can drive a ton of traffic in the act of building a social media personality for your customers to know and appreciate.


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