/r/fellowkids is a goldmine of business social media miscalculations

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Whence /r/fellowkids? It derives from Steve Buscemi’s appearance on Ep. 401 of NBC’s ’30 Rock.’ (Please note: two skateboards)

I rail at length to anyone who’ll listen about the importance of an authentic personality in social media: coequal to value and responsiveness alike. Failure of any of the three can cripple a social media campaign. Without the latter two a social campaign is susceptible to vandalism and anemic reach/growth. Without the former, well that’s where it gets more complicated.

The content of the /r/fellowkids subreddit may occasionally reveal the conspiracy-seeker’s readiness to spot a corporate motive behind every visible logo in a ‘viral’ video, but there is no question that at times the hive-BS detector is spot-on. Like the writer is abjured to ‘write what you know,’ a social media manager with no frame of reference for social media is doomed at some point to publish comments & memes that not only tip off users, but turn them off as well.

A few cringeworthy examples:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign with the meaningless fluff.


A terrible, obvious, cringe-worthy misuse of the ‘confession bear’ meme.


Famed author Anne Rice tries and fails to reach ‘the kids’ with a ‘meme’ that completely misses the point & social context of memes.

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