Kurupt ft Daz, Snoop Dogg, Jayo Felony – Represent Dat G C

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It’s rare I feature hiphop on these pages, not out any personal bias but rather the simple fact that as ‘today’s music’ hiphop naturally lies at the bleeding, distant extremity of one of this blog’s main musical objectives: namely the seeking of common rhythms and tonalities that call & respond back again from Africa to South America and the Caribbean. Hiphop is ‘in there’ somewhere, but its modernity and originality insulates it to some extent from the original rhythms. This is of course neither good nor bad, and there are lots of blogs that do a far better job of analyzing and extolling hiphop than I would.

No, I don’t get a lot of Africa from this track. This is all about America. There’s nothing to emulate in the lyrical content either –a starkly ‘gangsta’ effort– but as with most street poets some lines cut like a knife; are admirable by any standard. The quest for these exposes you to a bumpin’ rhythm and an earbug hook you’ll find yourself singing all day.


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