Agnostic Front (NY), Stillborn (NY), Absence of Malice (VA); P.B. Kelly’s, Richmond, VA; 4/1/85

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agnostic front/absence of malice/stillborn

The time I spent as a lad loitering around the Krewe House in Richmond, VA –home base of Absence of Malice– brought me into contact with all manner of luminaries of the punk rock world. AoM being the ‘house band’ of Richmond, VA hardcore, it was logical visiting bands be directed to E. Main St. upon arriving in town. In addition to a den of unspeakable iniquity it was easy to find and centrally-located to all the likely venues, in this case the tiny, sauna-like brick room at P. B. Kelly’s in flood-beleaguered Shockoe Bottom.

Agnostic Front was a huge band for so small a room, but big venues willing to book hardcore acts in a medium-sized Southern city were hard to come by before the opening of The Flood Zone. They were still touring on the success of the previous year’s Victim in Pain, a release that instantly became a staple of hardcore record collections nationwide.

All of these songs were inevitably played that night, April Fool’s Day 1985:

Link to Stillborn NYHC – “Dying for Progress” (1986) at SoundCloud.

Another flyer for this show is pictured here.

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