The Spinners – Games People Play

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The Spinners: great Detroit r & b. Music like this, especially coming at a time when I was learning about voice & harmony in the church choir, served to confirm the method and meaning of singing in unison.  That it happens to be accompanied by a great beat, a piano melody, appropriately-swelling strings, and a boss horn section is further incentive. It’s eminently singable stuff in all registers.

This is a tune my brother and I would’ve learned listening to the Norfolk soul station in the car with Big Addie.

Can’t get no rest
Don’t know how I work all day
When will I learn?
Memories get in the way
I walk around
I can’t hear a sound, folks talkin’ loud, but I
Don’t see at all
I gotta get away, gotta get away, I don’t
Know where to go
It’s hopeless so
I guess I’ll leave it alone.


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