A trio of instrumental guitar tunes

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I had several swell instrumental guitar pieces come across the hi-fi this morning; thought I’d share them here. Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys are old favorites of my kids, who knew how to bop & holler to his ‘Big Ball’s In Cowtown‘ before they could walk. Here’s his ‘Twin Guitar Boogie,’ featuring the smooth-ass picking of Eldon Shamblin and Wills’ lap steel player Leon McAuliffe, whose name Wills himself calls out in his habitually squirrelly style (‘Ah Leon!’).

Chet Atkins requires introduction only among vulgarian music-haters. Well maybe not, but erudite music-lovers are familiar with his picking from riding in elevators or loitering in dentist’s offices. Atkins converts even raucous melodies into gentle, ear-caressing riffs. Here he is offering his version of Dave Brubeck’sTake Five,’ chilling out an already quintessentially mellow melody.

Glaswegian sound artists Mogwai released this song on a 2001 sampler album called ‘The Carve-Up.’ It’s a mournful, quiet little tune in which the guitars call and respond like Sunday morning bells in some foggy, tree-studded lowlands parish.


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