Some good news from the post-dam removal Elwha River

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Elwha River (Image by Walter Siegmund via Wikimedia Commons)

Some good news from the Elwha River, where dam removal has cleared the way for returning Chinook salmon. This species –unknown in these waters for the better part of a century since the raising of the Glines Canyon Dam, have been spotted in the river above the former dam site.

One year after chinook were sighted— the first in 100 years — in the Elwha River above the site of the former Elwha Dam, adult chinook again have been spotted above the dam site, about 8 miles west of Port Angeles.

Wildlife biologists have counted at least 500 adult chinook in the river, as well as a few pink salmon and coho, said Rainey McKenna, spokeswoman for Olympic National Park, in which most of the river runs.

The official count will be released in November, but biologists said the run looks nearly identical to that of 2012.

“The run is every bit as strong as last year,” McKenna said.

Read the remainder at KOMO News.


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