A Trio of Great Songs for Kids

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I started my kids on music early. My daughter’s first exposure to music as a concept was an extension of old Looney Tunes cartoons –specifically Foghorn Leghorn cartoons– in which our hero gaily hums ‘Camptown Races’ while engineering the further torment of George P. Dog. I found five different versions of ‘Camptown Races’ to play for my daughter. Same tune…same words…five vastly different performances. The look of recognition in her eyes when she understood for the first time was a song was did ol’ dad’s heart a world of good. My personal favorite from among these versions of ‘Camptown Races’ was the total reimagination engineered by Dave Brubeck here.

Here are some of my kids’ favorite songs from their early lives: songs to which they were waltzed around the room by their smiling father, or which were whispered to them as their little eyes fluttered into peaceful slumber.

Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys – Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)

Brenda Fassie – Vul’Indela

Stuart Hamblen – This Old House

…and one more for good measure:

Fun Boy Three and Bananarama – It Ain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It)


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