Kongo Retro Band 83 – Air Fluvial

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A pedigree so difficult to track it’s best left to the original source. Here’s the accompanying copy from a favorite World Music source ‘Global Groovers’ on the subject of Kongo Retro Band 83:

Kongo Retro Band 83 is a group or was, existing from artists from different countrys. Grand Kalle and Adou Elenga from Zaïre, ( Congo and Zaïre were seperated ) Manuel d’Oliveira & Les San-Salvador from Angola and Les Bantous et Guy Léon Fylla from Congo. The vocal parts are taken care of by Lutumba, ( is it ‘le Poete Simaro’ ? ) Elba and Diasi. Many names of which I know little, if anyone can enlighten us ? I do know this is a beautiful album, get it while you can.

Make sense? Me neither. Click play and you won’t care.

Download this tune free with other Congolese classics here.


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