In which the author loves-up on Michael Jackson; implies haters can suck it

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An excerpt from a message to a friend:

You know me to be a man of singularly music-obsessed standards, __. I turn off other people’s music if it sucks: no shit. I won’t have it in my brain. That expectation set, Michael Jackson was a musical prophet. His grooves…his soul…the singularity of his joy & showmanship goes unmatched and is just gonna’

Listen to this –not even his best vocal track– for the voice track alone. Picture his face singing as you listen. Now imagine singing along with the lead, even in your favorite register. You automatically know what a physical feat it was to create these vocal sounds (perhaps even moreso as a voice-worker yourself). Now imagine what it’d take to inflect your voice with that much soul & conviction. Now imagine doing it while dancing. 150 nights a year. Respect.

The track in question was ‘Human Nature.’ I’ve linked to two other favorite MJ tunes as well. No surprises in any of these selections hits as they all were.

Michael Jackson – Human Nature – Album: Thriller

Michael Jackson – Rock With You – Album: Off the Wall

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean – Album: Thriller


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