Unapproved Monsanto GMO wheat found growing at Oregon farm

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Everybody loves ‘Cyber Woman With Corn’

As horrifying as GMOs in the food supply are, this chilling discovery is not a business vs. ‘the hippies’ issue. If US wheat is found to contain GMOs current customers could turn their back on US suppliers in droves:

…the mere presence of the genetically modified plant could cause some countries to turn away exports of American wheat, especially if any traces of the unapproved grain were found in shipments. About $8.1 billion in American wheat was exported in 2012, representing nearly half the total $17.9 billion crop, according to U.S. Wheat Associates, which promotes American wheat abroad. About 90 percent of Oregon’s wheat crop is exported.

This is a problem even Monsanto recognizes. GMO corn & soybeans are consumed in the main by livestock. Wheat is ‘people-food,’ and people have thusfar been uncomfortable with eating GMO wheat.

No genetically engineered wheat has been approved in any country. Indeed, one reason Monsanto dropped its development of genetically modified wheat in 2004 was concern from American farmers that it would endanger wheat exports.

That means the rest of the world –everywhere that doesn’t have a private company serially mishandling GMOs in natural and farm ecosystems– will gladly step in to fill the newly-vacated hole in the ranks of world wheat exporters. Pretty soon it’s not just a ‘farm problem’ anymore, it’s an economic problem and a prestige problem that can spread to all US agricultural exports. Read the rest here, then consider making yourself heard in the current national debates over GMO crops in general and food labeling in particular.


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