The Marshall Tucker Band – Ramblin’ On My Mind (Live at the Opera House; Macon GA 1973)

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Some of that back-home music from Spartanburg SC’s Marshall Tucker Band. The distance between the Southern rock and jam band live musical expressions were at this point barely distinguishable, a four minute guitar exploration by Toy Caldwell bounces around inside the wooly, half-soused head of a Macon festival goer the same way a nine-minute Jerry Garcia tone-fractal works for a Santa Cruz hippie.

Ever since you left me, baby
I got peace of mind

…and check out Toy’s wild-ass thumb-picking style!

This music is a step the South Carolina side of the Allman Brothers, for instance: a band who blew more minds at the Fillmore West than Owsley Stanley. The Allman Brothers –acknowledged masters of long-form jams in their own style– are themselves lyrically and musically a step below the Mason-Dixon from the Grateful Dead, another Fillmore regular.


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