Quantum mechanics and love

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In the midst of a story about quantum interactions (turns out they happen 10000*C) I encounter somehow for the first time the idea of ‘spooky action at a distance,’ this notion of the entanglement of photons. Even at a distance these scintillations remain involved, and reflect this involvement by exhibiting a sort of knowing reverse polarity. When one photon is ‘on’ the other is ‘off’ and vice versa, instantly, even at a distance.

It calls to mind those moments for humans ‘When Something is Wrong With My Baby, Something is Wrong with Me‘ as Sam & Dave put it. Did you ever feel an ineffable connection to someone, even in passing or out of nowhere (functionally the same as at a distance)? Did you ever just know to call, or could you feel someone’s bad mood before you could see it? Is an energetic connection an energetic connection, no matter the scope? Is it the light of another that calls forth and directs our own gleam?


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