Arming teachers in America

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Pap Smear, USMC-style?

Asking a teacher to carry a gun is like asking a Marine to carry a speculum. Yeah they didn’t cover gynecology at Parris Island, and yeah there are people better suited for that job, but imagine how you’d feel watching one of your buddies get a really gross infection for lack of a pap smear…

I’m a college professor (read: teacher). I’m also a realist. If we’re going to have a country full of unregulated guns we are accepting a calculated risk just in going out in public. Up here a guy got hit in the side of the head by a stray bullet while driving down the street in his minivan with his family. Can’t get much more random than that, and you can’t get much more ‘gun violence’ than headshot in front of your kids.

We see only the bottom line of that calculation though, in the sum of men, women, and children killed by firearms. We’re asked to accept –with increasing incredulity– that this bloody price isn’t too much to pay for whatever inscrutable, intangible benefit gun owners enjoy.

Boys I sure hope you’re enjoying whatever it is you get out of guns, because your neighbors are paying the price every day.

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