Jackson Browne – Late For The Sky

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Somehow most of Jackson Browne’s popular music has been drawn from among his more predictable tracks (for lack of a better word). Growing up in Virginia listening to classic rock on XL-102 I knew Jackson Browne as the “Running On Empty” guy. Even if I’d been exposed to this disc in its time I’d have been completely unable to enjoy it as much as I do now. Dave Lindley’s guitars are –as ever– a gentle pleasure on the ear.

Looking hard into your eyes
The was nobody I’d ever known
Such an empty surprise to feel so alone
Now for me some words come easy
But I know that they don’t mean that much
Compared with the things that are said when lovers touch
You never knew what I loved in you
I don’t know what you loved in me
Maybe the picture of somebody you were hoping I might be


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