Unintended Marketing Multiplier: The World’s Most Interesting Meme

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The World's Most Interesting Man
The World’s Most Interesting Man: An unintended marketing multiplier

The explosion of The World’s Most Interesting Man as a meme represents –for good or ill– a windfall to Dos Equis. A quick Google Image search of ‘world’s most interesting man meme‘ reveals hours of typically brilliant/horrifying and totally unofficial UGC. None of it makes me want to drink more beer let alone more Dos Equis, but it certainly has resulted in countless impressions of the green bottle brand image. Other equally eye-catching campaigns pass without being sucked up into the maelstrom of networked creativity: the ‘hive mind’ of an incisive, observant species.

UGC doesn’t always go entirely right. Take for example Dr. Pepper’s recent bland, begging-to-be-hacked Celebrating Uniqueness campaign. Of course, not all uses were misuses (h/t Kanye).

Dr. Pepper promotion: I'm a Mr. Pibb drinker! I'm a holocaust denier!
Dr. Pepper promotion: I’m a Mr. Pibb drinker! I’m a holocaust denier!
Dr. Pepper: Kanye
Dr. Pepper: Kanye

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