Rockpile ‘Triple-Shot’

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With a h/t to the programming mechanics of Thursdays on my former hometown AOR station XL102, here’s a ‘triple-shot’ of songs by British superband Rockpile. A collaboration of legendary avatars of cool Dave Edmunds & Nick Lowe, rounded out by Billy Bremner on guitars and Terry Williams on drums, the genetics of their eponymous 1980 LP promised & delivered a thoroughbred of immaculate nostalgia-rock.

You Ain’t Nothin’ But Fine – A real showcase for Dave Edmunds & Terry Williams, this is the rockin’est song on the LP.

When I Write The Book – A standout among standouts; rock steady rock.

…and a meta-triple shot to round out the triple shot, a collection of covers of Everly Brothers tunes ‘Take A Message To Mary,’ ‘Crying In The Rain,’ and ‘Poor Jenny.’ Beautiful guitars & harmonies morph into a funny lo-fi acoustic party song.

Oh Lord, this cell is cold…


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