Goat Man has a GRAVE!

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Missourians have long known what nature photographers in Utah have just recently discovered: Goat Men are everywhere! Unlike the Southern California hunter who was ultimately identified as the Utah Goat Man, the Missouri Goat Man is of uncertain provenance.

Some stories from Goat Man’s Grave can be read here:

Some of the things that me and my fiance and his friends have experienced include:  Seeing hoof prints in the snow, larger than a deer, and looked just like goat tracks;  been followed by strange vehicles which have seemed to just disappear and reappear out of nowhere; been chased out of there by people performing a sacrifice or ritual; on numerous occasions people in the group have came back with burn marks on their clothes, and that whole night, these people were extremely obnoxious and angry;  we’ve taken pictures and none of them developed;  brought out spotlights but they always go dead in the cemetery, but as soon as we leave they come back on;  we found an old picture on some weird looking paper that looked to be drawn from ashes that was of some trees, a river, and the sun or something, but at closer look the trees were really people.  The picture gave all of us a weird vibe and was very creepy;  and my friend saw red glowing eyes on the strange bus thats located by turning left at the T, which is also supposed to be haunted.

The Haunted Bus on the way to Goat Man’s Grave:



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