Linton Kwesi Johnson – Hurricane Blues

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Another deeply rhythmic, spiritual recording from UK-based Jamaican dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson. Note the unusual appearance of masterful slack-key guitar licks in a Caribbean tune.

langtime lovah
mi feel blue fi true wen mi tink bout you
blue like di sky lingerin’ promise a rain
in di leakin lite in di hush af a evenin twilite
wen mi memba how fus time
di two a wi come een- it did seem
like a lang lang rivah dat is wide an deep

sometime wi woz silent like di language a rock-stone
some time wi woodah sing wi rivah sang as wi a wine a galang
sometime wi jus cool an calm undah plenty shady tree
sometime sawfly lappin bamboo root as dem swing an sway
sometime casadin carefree doun a steep gully bank
sometime turbulent in tempament wi flood wi bank
but weddah ebb ar flow tru rain tru drout
wi nevah stray far from love rigid route…


Edit: In July 2014 this poem/song was named one of the ‘50 Greatest Modern Love Poems‘ by the Southbank Centre.


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