Trayvon Martin

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It appears George Zimmerman made sure this wasn’t one “a••hole [who would] always get away.” This guy –like so many firearm fetishists– is a fearful person, but fearful in a way that even going armed can’t cure.

Over time fear becomes hatred. It’s easier to enjoy your nice suburban life filled with hatred than fear. Hatred you can keep on a shelf next to your other failings and perversions, and only pull it out when the object of your hatred appears, and point it at that object like a gun.

…and then the pointing of the gun becomes the focus: the aiming of that hatred at the object. So when the trajectory of that object begins to take it away from yours, you follow it. You follow it so you can continue to point your hatred at it.

Then for a split second the hatred and the fear and the gun and the object inhabit the same space. In that moment George Zimmerman killed his fear, and stood in triumph over it as it bled out on the sidewalk. All Trayvon Martin did was be black within range of George Zimmerman’s hatred, and his gun.

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