Destroy in haste, repent at leisure

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So Jay-Z announces he will no longer use the word ‘bitch in his music. Dr. Boyce Watkins has a few words for you on the occasion of your late repentance from sexism, Mr. -Z:

“…You can’t spend two decades referring to other men’s daughters as b*tches and hoes, and then somehow decide that your own daughter is going to be exempt from the game. You, my brother, have given nearly every inch of your creative productivity toward murdering your daughter’s self and public image before she was even born…”

I don’t typically pay attention to Jay-Z, Beyonce, or things that happen on televisions in general. I post this because Dr. Watkins calls it the way I see and have seen it, not specifically about Jay-Z but about sexism in entertainment in general. Jay-Z’s daughter was born into a world that could have been made more beautiful for her, more accepting of her, more ready for her, but no.

Everything we are is the result of everything we have felt. She enters a world comprised in no small part of negativity her father created, not this ‘absence of negativity’ he publicly fences as a position of positivity. Pandora had this box, see…


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