Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings – Albuquerque

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This recording is a fitting soundtrack to your next lonely, late-night drive, or sitting alone in that big bed, in your room up among the trees, blinded by your attachments…

I love that these two are an item. To be as close as this –as close as harmony– is more than mere entertainment. It is an ideal, the gravity of which precludes faithlessness.

h/t Neil Young for the songwriting credit (from 1977’s Tonight’s The Night).

Well, they say
that Santa Fe
Is less than ninety miles away,
And I got time to roll a number
and rent a car.
Oh, Albuquerque.

I’ve been flyin’
down the road,
And I’ve been starvin’ to be alone,
And independent from the scene
that I’ve known.

So I’ll stop when I can,
Find some fried eggs
and country ham.
I’ll find somewhere where
they don’t care who I am.
Oh, Albuquerque,


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