Own-Horn Tooting

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This just in from the department of own-horn-tooting: a letter from an international student of mine (from Vietnam).

hi professor,
I am glad to hear that. Me and my family is doing well, too. Your kids is getting bigger now right? I will say they going to keep you busy all day. I didn’t know that you are working two job those. But anyways, you are the best professor i havent had in my college life.
I have some good news that i just got my green card a month ago. Because i was first came here as an international student and i have met my husband here so he was doing the paperwork to petition.
As an international student so i had to go school all the time and didn’t have time to take care of my son and the family. So after got the green card to stay here, i just took the fall quarter of to spend time with them and we are going to Vietnam on January. I know it have been four year far away from my dad, my mom, my sisters and little brother. So i am getting excited  looking forward for the trip.
I was thinking about finding a job after the trip and i need your help with my resume. :). Hope you will help me out with that.
Thank you being my teacher.

I love connecting with my students in meaningful ways: that what I do even has the capacity to do so.


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