hikes with kids: summit lake

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the mother mountain

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The hike up is convincing (2.5 mi. 1200′ elevation), but it has a good variety of steep and flat-ish stretches which afford time to rest). There’s running water a third of the way in, and a kinda’ scuzzy little lake about half-way.

The lake is deep and cold so it’s not so skeeterish, but the meadow pictured below is clearly pretty boggy a long time after other campsites dry out. There’s a little tarn out by the rim of the lake basin (pictured below with snow alongside) that looks like it’d be a good place for mosquitoes to breed. There were some black flies on the way up but nothing up top. I’ve read other descriptions saying it was buggy.

The lake isn’t super-approachable (steep banks), but there are shallow-ish places you might let kids splash around in (see the photo of the trout below).

There’s a little peak right next to camp with a trail all the way to the top. It’s not much of a mountain, but the point behind the lake below. The route down is via backtracking or keeping on going the around-the-lake trail, which is challenging for little kids (rocky & steep) in descent.

There’s a good chance I’m going up there again this weekend to check out the next summit hike over, which sounds like a fun afternoon hike along the same timeline as this fellow.

Anyway, here are some pics. Despite the notable presence of recently-used fire rings in all of these campsites, there are no fires allowed in the lake basin.


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