Everyone is everyone’s cousin

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A businessman and real estate investor told me yesterday that the reason he can’t get good workers in Grenada is because nobody ever starves here. He rationalized that “there’s so much food here and everyone is everyone’s cousin and they can always just go home.”

From a post-carbon perspective, this is a great example of how Grenada might perhaps be better suited to survive post-carbon interruptions in the imported food supply. When we lived in Missouri the example we always used of the pitifully carbon-dependent nature of American food supply was the presence in our grocery stores of old, often half-spoiled vegetables that had been grown on factory farms in the central valley of California and trucked 1800 miles to another American national agricultural treasure of fertility: the farm belt.

On an island 22 miles long and 12 miles wide, there are no long distances for food to travel. Various delicious tree fruits grow in all quarters of the island in all seasons and are often there for the picking, as God intended. Grenada is a miracle of fertility. The businessman had inadvertently suggested a premise that may bear examination: that Grenadians may be able to feed themselves in a literal sense as well.


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