a hot, sweaty guy’s best friend

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There’s nothing like a glass of ice-cold mauby. As a straight root concoction it tastes like any herbal tincture: a flavor of mixed dirt and twigs. This preparation (from the folks at De La Grenade, the same people who make one of my favorite hot sauces) incorporates a strong flavor of anise, perhaps the only flavor strong enough to mask the flavor of…well…dirt and twigs.

I’m typically an anise-hater. I don’t eat licorice. I don’t even usually like recipes with fennel. That said, there’s something about this mauby preparation that really appealed to me.

I had this pitcher in the freezer much of the morning. By the time the heat of the day had arrived, this half-frozen beverage really hit the spot. There’s some truth to the popular sentiment that mauby is a uniquely refreshing beverage. I can’t explain how I’ve come to agree save to suggest no other drink in my refrigerator would have felt like it was sucking heat and exhaustion out of me the way this beverage did. Not an active effect like a stimulant, mauby’s beneficial effect seems passive in nature.

I’m no fool. I bought another bottle of concentrate. I’ve seen mauby bark for sale locally as well, so perhaps I’ll try and work up my own recipe.

a sweaty guy's best friend
A pitcher of frozen mauby: a hot, sweaty guy’s best friend.

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